About Me

Born and raised in California, Nancy didn't discover reading for pleasure until she was 17. Before that, reading always meant school work. Even so, Nancy had a vivid imagination, and made up plays and wrote books in her head during her childhood and teenage years.

At the tender age of 19 she wrote her first book featuring a hero who was a race car driver and quickly finished it. Her second and third novels were set in the world of publishing and the movies. Then the writing lapsed for a while, as Nancy went back to school and entered the working world.

But her dream never really died, in 1992 she joined RWA, two years later in 1994 she decided she needed to get serious about getting published. Since then, she's completed eight novels, and is now at work on her ninth, featuring a prince and an artist.

Meanwhile, she continues polishing her craft by entering contests, contributing to her local RWA chapter in the Silicon Valley, and attending workshops online and at conferences.

When not writing or reading, Nancy loves to spend time with her family, which includes her mother, a brother and sister, ten nieces and nephews, and fifteen great nieces and nephews. She's assured her family that the only "babies" she plans on bringing into the world are her stories!

"My dream," she says, "is to give readers as much pleasure with my stories as other romance writers have given me."

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